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Leadership and Teamwork
The low-cost camp program has been around for nearly three decades. This basketball camp offers sports opportunities for group social learning, leadership training, discipline and goal setting. The purpose is to assist students/athletes in developing a sense of purpose and appreciation for success. There is a teamwork focus that will help them capitalize on their athletic abilities while enhancing the skills they need to perform within their school and community.

Success Stories
Building successful students and athletes to attend college and complete their education who otherwise wouldn't have these opportunities.

This camp has produced some of America's most talented college and professional players. These successful players include, Devan George, Adam Boone, Lawrence McKenzie, Mia Johnson, Troy Bell, Jason Daisey and Khalid El.amin. Current successful camp participants include
Nate Reed-Travis from DeLaSalle, Isaiah McKay from Park Center, Zach Lofton at IL State.

Coach and Athlete Mentorship

The young people credit this program for enabling them to set goals in life around personal values, education, career, and to deal with peer pressure.

• The camp has had over 10,700 youth who have participated and been mentored in the last twenty eight summers.
• The camp has had 600 career speakers from various professions have participated as resources and role models.
Coaches from the Twin Cities and out of state have worked in the program.
Professional basketball and football athletes have been involved with the program.

Local Support and PR Coverage
The program has received excellent coverage from TNT, TBC National Sports Radio Show, WCCO Channel 4, KSTP Channel 5, KARE 11, radio, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Star Tribune, Spokesman Recorder, Insight newspapers and the University of Minnesota Ecology Newsletter.
Hennepin County, Corporations, Foundations and individuals provide financial support for the program.
• The camp work in partnership with other youth agencies, churches and school systems.

“This is a great opportunity that empowers our youth for the future.”                                                                                                                                   Clyde Turner

St. Paul, MN (May 20, 2014) – Several community organizations in Saint Paul have come together to provide a unique recreational/ educational Basketball Camp for 400 youth ages 7 -18.  The basketball camp will be conducted by Clyde Turner and is offered free for East Side Saint Paul residents.

Clyde Turner, former Minnesota Gopher basketball star and his dynamic coaching staff are celebrating 28 years of conducting basketball camps in Minneapolis and St. Paul.  The relationship building that takes place between the mentors and mentees during the camp experience sets the stage for open communication. The camp serves as a “classroom” to teach basketball fundamentals, teamwork, structure and life skills that will propel/elevate the participants to success on and off the court.  

This exciting youth initiative is being led by Gayle Smaller of New Lens Mentoring together with Family Values for Life, First Covenant Church of Saint Paul, and PACE (Past Athletes Concerned about Education) and will be held at the new Arlington Hills Community Center.  This unique program’s foundation provides a mentoring component that connects and empowers our valuable youth including three Clyde Turner Basketball Camps that will be held in June, July, and August at the Arlington Hills Recreation Center.  Along with the mentoring and basketball camp experience the program will feature a parenting engagement component conducted by Family Values for Life, which is directed by Alfreda Flowers.  The parent component will provide information related to the importance of parent involvement in our schools.  For more information interested persons should call 651-774-0344 Ext. 30.

JUNE 23-27, 2014  -    JULY 14-18, 2014  -      AUG. 14-16, 2014